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I suffered a back and neck injury due to an automobile accident in March 2014. I went for seven months of treatment with an osteopath and chiropractor adding up to four treatments a week. Prior to seeing Bette I was on a cane and serious pain medication as I could barely walk, function or sleep. I was recommended to Bette by a woman I knew at my banking institution who told me about her own situation and how her back pain went away with Bowen therapy after months and months of chiropractic treatment, which didn’t help her at all. After she found relief through Bette many of her colleagues also went for Bowen treatment and found relief for their various ailments. After hearing all this I decided I should give it a try. Bette got me in right away after hearing about my situation and she was such a delight to meet. I was a bit skeptical at first as I had never heard of this type of therapy but I was pleasantly surprised. After the first treatment I was off the cane and the pain killers within 24 hours of treatment. I continued on a six week treatment plan and the relief I found was something short of a miracle. As well my eczema on my arms cleared up, A large cyst under my knee went away, I slept better, and had an overall better healthier feeling. Bette is a joy to work with, she is not only fantastic at what she does but has a great disposition with people.  She made a huge difference in my quality of life and I am now on a maintenance plan. Thank you Bette for helping me when nothing else worked.

– L B, Dec 2014

A few months ago I went for my first Bowen Therapy session with Bette Madigan. In speaking with her about my son Kyle who has autism she shared with me the work she was doing with autistic children. From what I had experienced at my first session I knew that I had to take our 22-year old son for Bowen.

My main reason initially for taking Kyle to Bowen was to help re-align the curvature of his spine as well as reduce his levels of anxiety and stress he experienced on a daily basis.

At Kyle’s first Bowen session I didn’t know if he would stay on the table so Bette could work on him so I had brought our daughter to the session as a back up in case he needed to be redirected to stay there. There wasn’t any issue at all for him to remain on the table the whole time. Since then it’s been so easy. He knows what to expect and cooperates fairly well the whole hour he’s there. He goes to sleep often during his sessions. He’s not a sleeper and doesn’t relax easily so this alone goes beyond words what Bowen is doing for him.

After his 3rd session we began seeing the changes with him where he was smiling much of the time and often for no apparent reason. He was so much happier (and so were we), he was singing more and most of all he was more connected to us and interacting so much better. He stayed more in the same room that we were in and wasn’t looking to go elsewhere to be alone. We saw more communication and also his sense of humour and teasing return. It seemed that he had an overall sense of wellbeing and that was so wonderful for us to see, which I’m sure it was even more wonderful for him to experience.

After his 4th session as soon as I saw him coming out of the therapy room I knew that there was something very different about him. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. I was trying to figure out what it was. That particular Bowen session Bette had told me that she wasn’t able to do all the techniques she had planned on doing that particular day because he was releasing and letting go so much. His body needed to continue healing. She mentioned that we would probably be noticing some changes that week, and for us to simply observe and see what might come up. We weren’t even out of the office and I knew things were already happening.

My husband was there also that day, and I mentioned to him to really take a close look at Kyle’s eyes, that there was something very different. But he couldn’t see what I was seeing. Walking back to our vehicle, it feels like I was walking backwards continuing to take in and embrace the changes that this Bowen Therapy session had just done for him. There was a depth when I looked into his eyes and when he looked back into mine. It was not the split second look that he usually gives me but instead it felt like such a long and profound gaze. I could see that he was in his body, fully in his body and somehow awakening to our world. It was like it was his first time to experience our world. All of it felt so natural, yet unlike anything I had ever had the pleasure of experiencing with him before, ever.

I could see Kyle’s Light and it was shining brighter and stronger than anything I had ever seen before.

That day it felt that my son had transformed and healed before my very own eyes. I know that I experienced a miracle healing with him. He was a very different young man when he came out of that room, than when he entered it. It felt like my prayers were being answered.

Late one evening several weeks later, out of nowhere he asked for Bette. He wanted to know when he would go back to see her. He had his off-week that week from Bowen and he wanted to go sooner he told me. It has been rare that I have seen my son ask to go back and see someone who has done any kind of therapy for him. It was wonderful to hear his request.

We had been implementing some new dietary changes also lately and somehow it seems to be going so much better than a decade ago when I had attempted very similar changes. It feels that Bowen Therapy and Bette’s expertise are helping bring our son back into his physical body and he has a much greater sense of peace and wellbeing. It is like he’s finally able to incarnate more fully into his body and into our world. This is not something that autistic individuals do very easily.

Bowen Therapy is bringing such positive and healing changes into our son Kyle’s life. There’s no doubt it’s been one of the important key therapies for us to have found and been blessed with in order to help him find that greater sense of peace that he deserves.

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I suffered a back and neck injury due to an automobile accident in March 2014. I went for seven months of treatment with an osteopath and chiropractor adding up to […]

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