Running Injury

“I suffered a painful running injury while I was training for a marathon. Almost immediately following the first Bowenwork session, I experienced a significant reduction in pain.  The treatments helped me recover faster and get back to running pain-free much sooner than I anticipated. I could not believe that a treatment that feels so gentle could have such a powerful effect. There were also many side benefits of the treatments like an easier time during my period as well as anxiety relief, which I did not expect. The treatment itself is also incredibly relaxing and I always sleep very well after my Bowen session.”



“I have tried other Bowen therapists and Lyn is the best!  She takes a holistic approach to healing, which is sorely lacking in many therapists, and spends time talking about my general health and wellness.  She patiently and thoroughly answers all my questions.  I highly recommend her.”

Diane J.


Frozen shoulder

“A few years back, I developed mild frozen shoulder in my right shoulder.  I went through treatments with physio, acupuncture and it took about 2.5 yrs to get rid of this condition.

In September 2018, I developed severe frozen shoulder in my left shoulder, which I guess it’s common to have it reoccuring.  I went back to physio and acupuncture but I was in so much pain that I started researching what else I could do to help.  I discovered the blog of a lady in Australia who had had a severe capsulitis(frozen shoulder) and went to have treatments at the Bowen therapy centre in Australia.  I then researched to see if this was available in Ottawa and this is when I discovered Lyn McCuaig.

I booked my treatment with her, went to the first appt in April 2019, and after the treatment, for the first time in months, I slept through the night.  I thought for sure it had to be coincidental but the day after, I was moving a little more.  I thought this couldn’t be that effective as the treatments Lyn dispensed were painfree, and seems so simple…but of course I returned and after each treatment, I felt a little better, a little “looser”.  I did about 6 treatments and felt the world of difference.  By June, I was so much better.  I did a few acupuncture treatment afterwards and I can say that by Sept 2019, I was so much better.  I believe that Bowen therapy was what helped me the most in that last ordeal and it really shortened the duration as I was expecting 2 yrs of pure pain.  

I had promised myself I would keep going to see Lyn every year for a tune up, but because of Covid, I haven’t returned yet. 

Lyn is also a wonderful person with good values.  I really felt that she was concerned and she actually cared, I wasn’t just another client.  Her personality is so warm, she is wonderful.

I hope that whatever your condition is, this will help you consider getting Bowen therapy.  It is very relaxing and pain free. “

Francine A.


Calves and Feet Pain

“I was in constant pain with my calves and feet caused from the many miles I put on during my marathon training. Since having Bowen therapy I am now pain free and am now continuing my training for my next marathon.”



Pre & Post op surgeries

“First and foremost, Lyn McCuaig is an excellent professional practitioner who listens to your needs and proceeds to administer your treatment with much care and empathy.

I recently went for an operation to have a malignant tumour removed from my kidney. Lyn performed Bowen on me before and after my surgery. When I came out of surgery I had absolutely no pain. I wanted to go home that very day, that’s how good I felt.  Of course, I didn’t, as you have to be monitored for a few days in case of complications. I was happily on my way home a couple of days later. 

This is not the end of my story. Being diabetic the healing process is much slower and so I expected my surgical scars would take weeks and weeks to heal as they have with past operations. I could not believe my eyes when after less than a week I checked in the mirror to find my scars were 90% healed. This has never happened to me and I truly have to thank Lyn McCuaig and Bowen therapy for such an incredible recovery.

I have to go for a hernia operation in the near future and have been warned this will be painful. I am truly confident that Bowen Therapy will get me through this hurdle.”

M. Boulay



“When I learned about Bowen, I was intrigued by the potential benefits. As a runner and athlete of various sports I am constantly fighting different ailments. Prior to back-to-back races in Chicago in July I had 3 treatments. I had a personal best in the 1st race and felt unbelievable. No calf or hamstring cramping, my breathing was relaxed and recovery was much quicker than usual. I truly believe I would not have run the PB without my treatments. Another Bowen bonus is how well you sleep after a treatment.”



Knees and Hip

“I have been receiving Bowen Therapy for several years.  It has been the only treatment that has successfully kept my knees and hip virtually pain free.  Each session with Lyn also allows any lingering tension I may have to dissipate and calmness to surface.

Lyn has always listened attentively to what I have to say and offered additional suggestions to support the Bowen Therapy received.  I have never felt rushed. She has created a safe, calming, professional space for healing.”



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