What is Bowenwork?  

Bowenwork is hands-on healthcare. It consists of sequences of rolling movements of the practitioner’s thumbs or fingers over precisely located sites on the body. These movements serve to signal the body to remember how to heal a variety of health issues.

 Where did it originate?  

Bowenwork came from Australia. Tom Bowen developed it over a period of several decades by working with athletes and injured laborers. It arose from his study and profound understanding of the structural and healing mechanisms of the body and his interest in osteopathic principles. Tom Bowen practiced in Australia from 1958 until his passing in 1982.

 What brought Bowenwork to the world?  

Oswald (Ossie) Rentsch was one of a handful of people chosen to study along side Tom in  his work. After he, along with his wife, Elaine, developed a thriving practice, Ossie asked Mr. Bowen if he could “keep the work alive” It is from their tireless efforts that “the Bowen technique, an interpretation by Oswald Rentsch” was developed as a curriculum. It was taught first in Australia and New Zealand and then around the world. The names Bowtech® and Bowenwork® are registered trademarks of their company, Bowtech Pty, which does business as The Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (BTAA).  The United States Bowen Registry, Inc. (USBR) is the United States affiliate of Bowtech Pty.

 What does it do?  

Bowenwork provides gentle and profoundly effective signals to the Brain for healing and recovery through the stimulation of special receptors in the tendons, muscles and ligaments of the body. These stimuli can result in deep relaxation, resetting of muscular tension and range of motion, lymph drainage, pain and inflammation reduction and pain relief.

 How long does a session last?  

A Bowenwork session lasts from 15 minutes to an hour with the client resting comfortably on a massage table.

How often and how many times will I need to come?  

Initially three Bowen sessions are scheduled a week apart. Clients usually see significant improvement within these three sessions. Additional sessions are scheduled at least a week apart as needed, with most conditions resolving within 3-8 sessions.

What are the main objectives of Bowenwork?  

Bowenwork helps the Body remember how to heal. The specific objectives may vary, but there is always focus on relaxation, reduction of the “fight or flight response”, and engagement of the body’s perfect pattern memory for the area that is in pain, contracted or otherwise out of healthy balance.

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