Special Offers

Bowen Therapy Ottawa is offering a TWO for….

Tis the Season to rake leaves,

make those final efforts at preparing gardens for winter,

putting away patio furniture,

putting up Halloween decorations, making or buying costumes for ‘trick or treaters’,

getting used to daily runs in cooler and cooler weather,

getting used to turning those clocks back for time change,

finish all that pickling and preserving,

getting out winter coats, hats, gloves & mitts and don’t forget the pooch’s coat!

Getting pooped yet?

…..And then take down Halloween decorations,

finish off that candy!

Get those Christmas / Holiday lights and decorations up inside and out.

Shopping on line and in store, gift wrapping,

Holiday baking!

Long line ups at the Post office to get those parcels off,

Are you ‘receiving’ or ‘going to’ that special holiday dinner?

Not to mention …. all the in between ‘every day to do’s’!

Exhausted? Frazzled?

So, here’s my early gift to you!

A Two For!

Book a Bowen therapy relaxing hour For Two

with your BFF, partner, significant other, sister, brother, mother, father,

Nanna, Pappa, cousin, auntie, uncle, niece, nephew, favourite barista,

postie, dog walker, co-worker, personal trainer, babysitter, hairdresser,

Well anyone you want to tag along!

And pay only $90.00 for two!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful just to have a Bowen Therapy session just to relax and melt that stress away?

Bowen Therapy Ottawa is offering this Two For $90.00

From November 1st to the 30th


December 26th to the 30th!

Appointments for this event must be paid for at time of booking.

E-transfer or cash preferred.