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My name is Mary I. And I have known Bette Madigan since Jan 2007, in which I have been a Bowen patient of hers.  The first time I met Bette, I was suffering from chronic aches and pains from my back, hips and knees.  I also suffered from artho-arthiritis.  After undergoing a few of her therapeutic healing sessions, I immediately began to see improvements in my body.

I have tried other therapies, including physio and chiropractic, but I can honestly say that none of them have worked as well as her therapy.  She is very professional and that is what makes me put my trust in her.  She makes me feel very comfortable during the treatment which only adds to the pleasantness of the therapy.

I highly recommend Bette to treat anybody experiencing the muscle pain which I was feeling, which at that time was unbearable.  I really feel rejuvenated and strengthened by her therapy, and am grateful for having been a patient of hers.  Thank you.

– Mary I., Ottawa

My mother and I were recently introduced to the Bowen technique by Bette Madigan.  Although we were not familiar with this practice, Bette explained it very well to us and we were surprised by the results.  My mother who suffers from a chronic respiratory cough is coughing much less and it has also worked very well for both our digestive systems. (after 3 sessions) I do not suffer from too many ailments but was surprised to find a prior knee problem came to the surface and has not given me to much problem since.  We thank Bette for her professionalism and the chance to experience a practice that was not known to us previously.  We would not hesitate to try more Bowen Treatments if needed and have recommended this to our friends and family.

– Joan & Susan L., Manotick

I went to Bette Madigan for a Bowen treatment because I had terrible indigestion problems that included burping, belching, heaviness in my stomach, etc. When she was doing the treatment and during the resting periods that took place in between the treatment, I felt a strong tingly sensation traveling through my body, especially in the torso area. The tingly sensation lasted for the whole treatment. I am guessing that it was energy flowing well in & through my body. Maybe it was energy blocks that got released. Anyways, the indigestion, burping, belching were gone and I felt much better!  And the results lasted!

– Jill L, Ottawa

Case: Karen D.

Karen had a gallbladder attack and was hospitalized.  During her stay at the hospital, doctors decided not to remove the gallbladder at that time because it was seriously inflamed.  There were complications when she was in the hospital.  She lost 15 pounds in the weeks of her hospitalization.

Karen received a Bowen treatment.

After the Bowen treatment, this is the email I received from Karen:

“The last ultrasound I had showed a completely normal gallbladder, no stones, no sludge!  I’m a believer!  They are putting off surgery.  I will be followed in 3 months with a repeat ultrasound to see how I’m doing.  Otherwise everyone is taking a step back and letting me ride this out.  My surgeon said he was shocked that I’ve come out of this without having to have the surgery.  It’s very rare.  So book me for another Bowen treatment!”

– Karen Do., Ottawa

There has been great success with the individuals at Main Street since Bowen Therapy has begun. Some of their successes include their emotional, cognitive functioning and their overall physical well being.

The staff have noticed the individuals being more happier overall. There has been a decrease in meltdowns, which then makes their lifestyle a lot more enjoyable. After a session of Bowen, the individuals are much more relaxed, settled and de stressed.

Some individuals have stopped bedwetting, can walk straighter and have a much better posture overall. One particular individual has a better space alignment of their teeth.
When the individuals are completing their work they seem to be a lot more focused and eager to complete the task.

Whenever Bette comes into the building, all of the students are so eager to see her and complete a session. Whereas before, it took a lot of convincing and reinforcement. It has been a great pleasure having Bowen Therapy apart of our program and look forward to more success.

– Sarah Kelly, Developmental Services Worker, Day Program Supervisor, Main Street Community Services, 613.831.6606
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