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No One Touched My Head: Bowen Therapy for Adult Long Term Post Concussion Syndrome

It is my absolute pleasure to inform you of a practitioner case-series research study involving Bowenwork therapy for Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS). Copies of the abstract and full paper are available for download, courtesy of the author.

Madeline McBride, certified Bowenwork practitioner (Ottawa – Gatineau), did this case-series study after she attended a brain injury conference and discovered that conventional medicine had little to offer many suffering from PCS. Bowenwork is good for so many conditions. Would eight sessions help people with PCS two to four years after their concussions? The answer was yes.

For those who have recently suffered a concussion, this study references two other studies that confirm it is very important to have the Bowen Therapy Concussion Resolution Protocol as soon as possible after medical attention, preferably within 48 hours. All certified Bowenwork practitioners are trained in this protocol.

If you have been suffering with Post Concussion Syndrome or incurred a recent concussion, this study is well worth your time to read. Perhaps you know someone who is suffering with PCS or recently incurred a concussion? Please forward this article so that they may benefit as well.

If you, a loved one, or a friend has suffered similarly and have to date, not experienced positive results from other forms of therapy, consider sharing this study with your physician.


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